Furnishing your home can be a very difficult task. Before buying the furniture or organizing the division of spaces, it is necessary, in fact, to choose a style of furniture, a task that requires careful reflection on one’s tastes and, of course, on the space available. In the following paragraphs will be introduced those that, to date, represent the most fashionable furnishing styles, so as to allow each reader to be inspired.

The value of space: minimal style

Less is more recites a famous phrase. It is precisely on this concept that is based one of the most appreciated styles of interior design in recent years, minimalism. The house in minimal style is now one of the most appreciated choices by those who want to live in a modern, spacious and bright. The clean lines, large spaces and architectural volumes that characterize this particular style are the ideal solution for those who want to live in an environment of measured elegance, with a few furniture with clean lines and neutral colors, such as white.

The same refined simplicity also distinguishes the materials, as in most cases you opt for furniture made of metal, wood or marble. Of great importance is also the glass, able to favor the entrance of natural light and, consequently, give the entire house a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Nordic elegance: scandinavian design

A style quite similar to the one previously introduced, for years on the covers of the most famous magazines in the sector, Scandinavian design represents, more than a simple way of furnishing, a philosophy of life. The main purpose of the Nordic style is, in fact, to simplify the day, putting the little things at the center of it and allowing you to reach a state of absolute well-being.

The soft tones, the absolute prevalence of a white color and the maximum use of sunlight allow, in fact, to create an atmosphere certainly welcoming, but also elegant and modern. As for furniture, the absolute protagonist is wood, a material that can be used both in the realization of flooring and in that of furniture. Space also to homemade work with abstract paintings, able to give the house a greater sense of tranquility.

When wear becomes elegant: Shabby chic

Most of the decorators thought he was dead before he began to depopulate, some experts have immediately snubbed him, but the Shabby chic style is more fashionable than ever. This particular type of furniture, whose name can be translated with scruffy elegant, is an interior design style in which furniture, accessories and furniture are chosen for their aged and worn appearance, which can be authentic or the result of a specially made appearance. Space, therefore, to pieces of second hand, really worn by time and use. This style is also distinguished by the choice of colors, in most cases pastel.

Fusion architecture: modern ethnic style

Definitely trendy, especially in exotic locations, is the modern ethnic style. This particular style of interior design brings together objects that evoke the secrets of Eastern or African lands, combined with the harmonious and geometric shapes of modern style. Also in this case I know is in front of a type of furniture that winks to minimalism and that, consequently, prefers to play with spaces and sunlight. Totally forgotten are the large furniture, as well as the excessive objects placed everywhere. At the heart of the modern ethnic style are, in fact, neutrality and functionality. These can be obtained by opting for small furniture and having fun in combining fabrics and carpets that can give a slight touch of color to white, obviously predominant color.

The importance of recycling: the rustic style

Perfect for those who have a farmhouse in the countryside or for those who want to give a touch of originality to their home, the rustic style is one of the greatest classics of interior design. The latter makes the authenticity and recovery of waste materials its distinctive features and is characterized by the strong presence of wood, usually dark in color and soft lines. This will be expertly combined with other materials of natural origin, such as stone, perfect for use in flooring or for the construction of a fireplace.

The choice of the undecided: the eclectic style

The last of the interior design styles presented is the eclectic one, loved by eccentrics and ideal for those who don’t know which style to choose to furnish their home. This allows you to create a truly unique environment by simply mixing several architectural currents and combining objects made in very different styles. Of the utmost importance is the choice of colors, a common thread capable of giving harmony to the entire environment.



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