What are the factors that need to be considered when choosing the best interior tiles? Many
models can be found on the market, in consideration of this variety, in order to purchase the best
and ideal tiles for your needs and tastes, some aspects must be taken into consideration before
proceeding with the purchase. Well, in consideration of your budget, you have to make some
choices before purchasing which are essentially related to the material and color of the tiles.
In order to purchase the best and most functional interior home tiles to your tastes, it is necessary
to evaluate the characteristics of the various tile models on the market and consequently choose
the ideal type in consideration of the place where they will be installed and in consideration of
your own preferences. As regards the place where the tiles are to be used, it should be noted that
numerous types of tiles that are particularly suitable for certain types of environments can be
found on the market.
<h2>Characteristics of interior tiles</h2>
An excellent quality tile must have some characteristics, among which in particular:
<li>excellent resistance</strong></li>
<li>the anti-slip factor</strong></li>
<li>the anti-incision characteristics</li>

With regard to the characteristic relating to resistance, it is possible to evaluate this factor by
consulting a special PEI table within which standard values can be found which indicate the
resistance of a given tile model to surface abrasion. The aforementioned table makes it possible to
optimally measure the resistance capacity of the tile to the passage or footfall of one or more
people. In theory, it is possible to state that the tile is optimal when the latter has an excellent
resistance capacity or is able to maintain its specific aesthetic characteristics unchanged over time.

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As regards the anti-slip characteristic, the latter in the best models of tiles is certified with a
special classification provided for by specific legislation. If present, the aforementioned
certification certifies that the tile has the anti-slip characteristic.
<h2>The choice of shape and size</h2>
Following the choice relating to the type of indoor tile, it is necessary to proceed with the choice
concerning the size and shape. The latter is a particularly delicate choice, well the aforementioned
choice must be made by trying to select the shape and sizes that best fit and match the rooms of
your home. If the environment in which the tiles are to be used is of modest size, it is advisable to
choose tiles that have a particularly large size. This choice makes it possible to highlight the
environment which, thanks to this choice, will appear to have larger dimensions than its own. In
these particular environments it is also advisable to choose tiles in light colors.
Square-shaped tiles are also recommended in this particular context, as these are in fact able to
create a pleasant and fascinating graphic and scenographic effect. If the environment in which the
tiles are to be used has a low ceiling, it is advisable to choose thin tiles.
<h2>The ideal tile</h2>
As previously mentioned, there are different types of tiles available on the market. In fact, there
are many types of interior or other tiles that can be used only and exclusively for floors or wall
coverings. With regard to interior tiles, it is advisable to choose a type that has an optimal
resistance to wear and to the use of cleaning products.

As regards the different types among which it is possible to choose, first of all there are singlefired
tiles. The latter have a high resistance to wear and trampling by several people. These
characteristics make this particular type particularly suitable for flooring. Another type is represented by double-fired tiles which, due to their shiny surface, are particularly suitable for
wall coverings.
Among the various types of tiles we can also mention majolica which, thanks to its particular
porous composition, is particularly suitable for interiors and especially for the bathroom. There are
also porcelain stoneware tiles, this particular type is particularly appreciated for its characteristics
and specifications that make it ideal for indoor environments. In fact, stoneware tiles have a high
resistance to wear and are also not very porous. By virtue of these characteristics, stoneware tiles
are particularly recommended and indicated for flooring.



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