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Gattuso Contract Suisse Official Sponsor of the CCIS 2022 Gala in Geneva

The iconic CCIS Gala in Geneva is the most important event in the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland’s calendar. In 2022, the Four Seasons in Geneva was chosen to celebrate the importance of being part of an indispensable reality for Made in Italy that wants to make its way in Switzerland. Gattuso Contract Suisse has chosen to be the official sponsor of the 2022 edition of the CCIS Gala in Geneva to underline the importance of enhancing Italian design among the Swiss population. An opportunity to expand its network, continue to spread the class and elegance that distinguishes the architectural projects of Gattuso Contract and, not least, the aim to highlight the sense of belonging to the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland, since the 1919 active in the Confederation to support exports and the Made in Italy philosophy, of which Arianna Gattuso is a fervent representative.



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