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Furniture design for residences

Nowadays, the idea of homes which have a modern design focused not only on the aesthetics but also on the functionality, practicality and efficiency is becoming increasingly widespread. All these aspects are important to offer a unique and satisfying experience inside a home. The designs for houses and modern homes are characterized by different kinds of elements, from the most essential and simple to the most creative which, attentively coordinated, are able to create a modern, fancy and attractive space.

Every single piece of design is essential and plays a specific role within a home; each room must be considered and analyzed in order to decide the style and kind of furniture and décor to be used.

Our objective is to design and create a harmonic, elegant, modern, useful and comfortable space. The Interior Designer is a key figure in this sector, since they can advice the client on the choice of décor and they have the possibility to suggest a wide range of trends or ideas that may be used in a modern home. Several aspects –which may sometimes seem superficial- should be taken into account: first of all, the style the client would prefer, then the color of the walls –which may be white or painted in the trendiest colors, also printings for an original touch may be added; finally, different objects such as cushions or flower arrangements grant liveliness to a room. Details should never be neglected since they contribute to create a carefully tended cozy room. One of the trends to be considered is the use of white walls and parquet.

Pictures and mirrors are two essential elements which help to complete the décor of a home. Our firm and the interior design section gives advice on the choice of pictures: these elements can improve and enhance the décor; they may be placed in every room, hung on the walls or sitting on  furniture or bookcases to convey character and warmth. It is interesting to choose pictures with varied themes and colors in order to create contrast with the furniture and to customize some areas of the house which are not the focal point and thus not easy to highlight.

Mirrors represent a fundamental accessory since they come in different sizes and shapes allowing for the creation of a sort of mosaic: a practical object able to give depth to the spaces and to reflect light –it may be placed between two windows to reflect the light coming from outside, or in front of a single window.

Furnishing style for villas and residences

The choice of design and of the accessories which may be useful in different areas of the house should not be underestimated. You may opt for an essential style, where details are emphasized to make a simple space unique; vintage or wooden elements may be used to contrast modern characteristics and to spread warmth. Another aspect to consider is energy saving and the environment: eco-friendly products which guarantee low consumption are highly recommended.

Another option is the ethnic style, which involves the use of warm colors on the walls such as yellow, red and orange;  and natural materials such as bamboo and wicker. Rugs and lamps are essential: they may be very varied and in different sizes. Elements from different cultures may be inserted, these  have special characteristics which may be adapted to the décor chosen for the different rooms.

Finally, the home décor style considers the use of tropical countries’ patterns such as warm or bright colors like yellow and blue, or pastel colors like pink and light blue in order to avoid an excessive tropical choice.

Another area which may be considered marginal but which actually has a key role is the outdoor space -or balcony.

The balcony design and furnishings must be chosen according to personal taste, a careful analysis should be carried out in order to create a personal space devoted to relax.

The consultation in this case is fundamental in order to  create a design to take advantage of the spaces, even the smallest ones, through the addition of essential elements: the flooring, the decor and plants which contribute with a touch of nature and green. The choice of the right flooring is important, and it may transform the space into a cozy one. Gres porcellanato, a trendy style at the moment, offers great variety and endurance; wooden parquet represents a further element linked to nature.



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