Design of food and beverage spaces and shops

Gattuso contract is specialized in interior design turnkey projects with effective and innovative solutions.

We offer the realization of furnishings for bespoke rooms, from design to construction.

We offer bespoke design for food and beverage spaces and shops, from the project planning to the construction work. We analyze the project accurately keeping in mind the client’s idea and their expectations as well as the fashion trends and the need to stand out.

We provide complete Local Furnishing consultancy

Our company deals with the interior design of bars, restaurants and shops.
Interior design refers to the selection of furnishing elements and accessories of every kind , every detail is chosen depending on the space and area where it will be placed. For instance, in a bar or restaurant, items such as tables and chairs, stools and divans are to be considered. It is important to pay special attention not only to the professional furnishings –that is all those items necessary in a kitchen- which have to respect the rules and regulations related to hygiene and safety, but also to the style in fashion in the last years.

The design of a F&B space and shop includes also the areas devoted to customers: it is necessary to consider the most widespread trends, either traditional or modern.
Inside certain spaces, the lighting is fundamental to obtain an excellent sight perception, to improve the social life quality as well as the people’s mood, to guarantee their wellbeing and the proper energy saving. The Interior Designer plays a key role when choosing the right lighting elements, their positioning and their main functions within a space.
The Interior Designer may influence also on the choice of the right colour for each space: the colour of the walls, furniture and different accessories is fundamental, and creates a certain atmosphere depending on the shade and style chosen. The colours that may be used to paint the walls may be various and they are mainly bright like yellow, light blue, violet and green. Blue may be used in different areas of a F&B space, shop or home: it displays an elegant line which may characterize the kitchen or a bedroom; the most trendy shades are midnight blue and whale blue. Another fashionable color is green: it presents a bright personality which renders a room unique. The colours may be cold, like blue and violet; warm, like red and yellow; and neutral, like white and black. It is essential to pay attention to the coordination of the different colours of the walls, furniture and other accessories in order to create a pleasing and cozy room.
Apart from colour, the style to be adopted is important: in the last few months, we have seen some special trends, with specific characteristics and details, such as the tropical style, the industrial style and the Scandinavian country style. The first is characterized by decorations containing flowers and leaves which may be placed on walls, usually coordinated with green to grant a sense of vivacity; the industrial style includes elements such as metals and some special colours to create a domestic environment; finally, the Scandinavian country style includes linear aspects with a series of typical country- style elements: this trend allows for the creation of a comfortable, bright and cozy space.
The acoustic wellbeing is an element which shouldn’t be underestimated when designing a new space. It helps to limit and eliminate acoustic pollution, which has a negative impact on social life quality, causing difficulties in communication and work performance as well as stress. This is the reason why it is fundamental to consider the acoustic comfort issue and choose the best solution for the space regarding the installations and instruments to be implemented in order to create a comfortable environment.
By F&B space and shops design, we mean specific spaces such as restaurants and shops.
When selecting the design of a restaurant, we individuate the style and adapt it to every decoration element in order to convey a unique image, coherent with the environment and the company. It is necessary to consider the target customer in order to understand the decisions to be made related to the decoration and customization of the space. In a restaurant, the essential decoration elements are represented by the table and chairs: the Interior Designer’s objective is to create a manageable and relaxing space where customers can spend a few hours at ease.
For a shop, the decoration and external part are important to draw the customers’ attention, creating a modern and inviting context. The space should communicate the image of the activity while responding to the taste and request of the customers. The environment and the positioning of the goods within a shop acquire a central role since they contribute to a unique, involving and interesting shopping experience.



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