How to decorate the terrace
If you are looking for an economical
method and the best answers on how to
furnish your terrace but you don’t
know where to start, don’t despair. In
this guide we will illustrate our
ideas for furnishing a terrace in an
economical but innovative way.

How to best furnish a terrace?

Furnishing a terrace can be much
easier than you think. One of the
first things to do is definitely keep
your budget in mind: only in this way
can you choose the type of furniture
that best suits your needs. In
addition, the environment to be
treated must be considered. For
example, if the space we have is large
or small, or if it is uncovered or

# 1 Uncovered terrace

An uncovered terrace is a perfect
solution to spend unforgettable
moments with the people we love, both
in summer and in winter. Even if it
seems complex to exploit an uncovered
terrace especially in case of bad
weather, with some small strategies it
is possible.
First of all, to furnish an open
terrace it is good to use umbrellas,
awnings or gazebos, which will protect
you from the cold, but also from the
summer heat. If you have a large or
medium-sized terrace, you can divide
the space into different areas. For
example, on one side there could be
the lunch or dinner area, obviously
equipped with tables or chairs and
covered with some umbrellas; on the
other, a relaxation area to be
furnished with chairs, armchairs or
comfortable cushions and protected by
curtains. For decorations, it is
better to opt for some vases with
different types of flowers (which give
light and color), or for some lamps.

# 2 Covered terrace

If, on the other hand, you have a
covered terrace, furnishing it will be
even easier, as it will no longer be
necessary to worry about bad weather
or heat. First of all, it is good to
consider how you will have to take
advantage of this additional room in
the house, and based on that, opt for
a certain type of furniture.
For example, if you want to create a
space with warm tones, and therefore
in an ethnic style, you will need lots
of light, dark wood furniture,
cushions and oriental-style rugs. In
case you prefer a more modern style,
choose armchairs and sofas with more
rigid and geometric lines, or rugs and
cushions in neutral colors. Finally,
for classic décor, consider wooden
tables, plain rugs, large windows, and
a few retro items, such as record
players, books, and a globe.

# 3 small in size

To furnish a small terrace, it will be
necessary to keep in mind some small
precautions: it is good to make the
most of the space and environment, but
without giving the idea of a chaotic
and messy place. When the square
meters are few, the most suitable
choice is to eliminate bulky and
superfluous objects, and leave the
essential ones instead. For example, a
table and a couple of chairs are
essential if you wish to use your
small terrace for aperitifs or small
lunches. Again, buy a wall pallet to
add flowers, items and lights, or opt
for a circular coffee table with two
wrought iron chairs for a lovely place
for your after-meal coffee. A long,
colorful rug is a good choice to make
the space appear larger, and a few
small decorations like a watering can,
succulents or candles will make your
small terrace more comfortable.

# 4 large

To furnish a large terrace, all you
have to do is unleash your imagination
according to your tastes. For example,
if you love the minimalist style you
will have to opt for a type of
furniture characterized by white,
geometric lines and essentiality. You
can insert many squared sofas or
armchairs, low tables and succulent
plants, which give a minimal look to
the terrace. If you prefer a more
rustic style, choose large and
terracotta tiles, with a pergola or
cane cover. As for the furniture, opt
for wicker sofas and chairs, and for a
large table in light or dark wood.
Furthermore, if your budget allows it,
you can enter a Jacuzzi or a small
swimming pool, along with a couple of
deck chairs and a table decorated with
scented lamps and candles. Finally, if
you want your terrace to become a
meeting place with friends, create a
kitchenette with the essential
accessories or maybe a barbecue. Also
add a circular table, some chairs with
cushions, large lamps and a minibar.



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