The living room is undoubtedly one of
the main rooms of the house, one of
the most experienced by the family and
where guests are welcomed. Let’s find
out in this article how to furnish the
living room.

Being one of the largest and most
representative spaces of the house,
its furniture must be well cared for,
even in the details. You will have to
try to create an environment in
harmony with the rest of the house and
at the same time welcoming and
comfortable, without losing sight of
style and design. The furniture in the
living room reflects a lot the
personal taste of the landlord, it
must be a place to make yourself and
others feel at ease. It must turn out
to be a functional space and at the
same time furnished with taste and
aesthetic sense.

Here are some macro rules to help you
in the right organization and choice
of the elements that will make up the
living room furniture.

Furniture size and positioning

The first rule to furnish the living
room, or any other room in the house,
is to evaluate and be clear about the
size of the room. Essential factor in
identifying the right quantity and
measurements of the furniture that we
are going to place inside. Another
fundamental element to keep in mind,
before deciding where to place the
furniture, is to have taken a look at
all the technological arrangements
inside the room: electrical sockets,
light switches, air conditioning
preparation, just to name some.

The walls

Leaving the living room walls white is
the simplest solution to adapt any
style of furniture you choose for this
home space. However, if you want to
play with colors, two factors are

  • evaluate how much brightness there
    is inside the room and pay attention
    to the choice of dark colors, because
    if the space available is already
    limited, the risk of shrinking it even
    more is just around the corner
  • pay attention to the color
    combinations that will be created with
    the other elements that you choose to
    place in the living room, such as
    curtains and cushions.

The choice of the living room

The sofa is considered by many to be
the real star of the living room.
Again, before deciding on the model
and relative dimensions of the sofa
that you are going to place inside the
living room, remember to carefully
consider the space available. The sofa
must be proportionate to the
surrounding environment, otherwise the
risk is to compromise the harmonious
style of the whole room.

If the size of the living room allow
it, placing one or two armchairs next
to the sofa, perhaps in a different
color, will make the whole even more
original and personalized. The
solutions offered for the choice of
sofas and armchairs are many, for all
space and style needs.

Which upholstery to decorate the
living room?

Curtains, rugs and cushions can give a
lot of character to the environment
you are going to create to furnish the
living room.

  • The curtains frame the room and are
    able, if chosen with the due
    proportions, to give a pleasant sense
    of momentum even to ceilings that are
    not too high.
  • The rugs have great furnishing
    power. They delimit spaces and protect
    floors. Not to be chosen by chance, it
    is good that they have a common thread
    between them, that is, that they
    follow the same style of furniture.
  • The cushions not only have the
    function of providing greater comfort
    when sitting on the sofa, but also
    have the role of completing and
    characterizing the corner of the
    living room. A tip is to choose them
    in different colors from that of the
    sofa, but following the shades.

There are also other very important
components to take into consideration
to be inserted into the living room.
Excellent for enriching and finishing
this home space are paintings and
mirrors. Among the most interesting
trends of recent times there are the
gallery walls. They are walls covered
by several paintings or prints of
different sizes, but connected to each
other by a single style, arranged with
taste and proportion. Excellent
solution to enhance a space that
remains empty.
A tip for choosing the right paintings
to hang is to take into consideration
the prevailing shade within the
environment. Among the most
recommended positions for hanging
pictures, there is undoubtedly the
wall behind the sofa. Hanging mirrors
can also be an excellent choice,
especially if the living room is
small. Placed vertically, the mirrors
will give a larger aspect to the room



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