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Penthouse Vicenza

The penthouse after the Restyling...

DATE: 2021
CATEGORY: Residences

Gattuso Contract took part in the complete restyling of this penthouse. The restructuring in key General Contractor provided for a complete overhaul of the plant and the redistribution of the interior spaces. An interior design action preceded by a complete architectural design and a render has allowed to give a more modern, elegant and refined look to the environments. The penthouse is bright, elegant, and also suitable for children, it takes into account all the rules of home security. The place has changed appearance without requiring masonry. The choice of furniture designed to measure by Gattuso Contract has added a touch of style to the overall atmosphere changed definitely appearance to the house.

...the project...

To make the client understand the final formulation of the interior design project, we created ad hoc renderings. In this way we also studied the best arrangement of furniture and accessories in the spaces and different rooms of the house. ​

...The penthouse after the Restyling

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