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Private house in Isola Vicentina

Private house after the restyling

DATE : 2023
LOCATION : Isola Vicentina
TYPOLOGY : Residential

We got a spacious and bright living area. The kitchen has been designed to meet the needs of the family that uses it today. Since it is an open space, the entrance and living areas have been kept warm and in line with the rest of the domestic atmosphere. Instead of the fireplace, a practical and modern wood stove. The radiators have been camouflaged by tailor-made solutions designed by our team. The renovation of the two bathrooms has made possible to obtain two functional and elegant environments, with fine finishes and furnishings that recall the natural materials much loved by customers. In the bedroom, finally, reigns an enveloping atmosphere obtained thanks to the use of restful colors (such as the blue used in the head wall of the bed) and soft lights that illuminate without disturbing the area devoted to relaxation. The room was very large and it was possible to create a separation wall that created the perfect niche for the walk-in closet. Also important is the laundry area, created in a small hallway in the sleeping area and "hidden" by a wardrobe designed by Gattuso Contract.

The project

To help the client understand the final formulation of the interior design project, we produced ad hoc renderings. In this way, we also developed the right colour palette and studied the best arrangement of furniture and accessories in the different spaces and rooms of the house.

...before the restyling

Gattuso Contract has worked as General Contractor on this private house in the province of Vicenza. The aim was to give the house a new look, captivating and contemporary, through the design of the living area and bathrooms, with a review of the interior also in the master bedroom. The spaces of the house lent themselves to the creation of a harmonious and functional open space that allowed the kitchen and living to communicate. The renovation of the interior and the custom-designed furniture, ad hoc, have led to the achievement of the final result that you will see continuing, below.

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