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Villa in Schio

Villa in Schio

DATE: 2023
PLACE: Schio
CATEGORY: Residential

This is the restyling of the ample living room in a villa on a hill. The owners would like to receive a welcoming space, ideal to have lunch and dinner whit the family and, at the same time, recreate a reading area were we can relax. The desired formal cleanliness is combined with a sartorial taste and refined material contrasts: the velvet armchairs in soft colors show wooden legs that match the solid Wengè stained oak of the spacious bookcase. A large and precious carpet underlines the division with the dining area, delimited by a different carpet, where the protagonist is a beautiful large table with a rectangular marble top, and a base with a barrel leg with a tapered cylinder and comfortable velvet armchairs. Two spacious wooden cupboards with a contemporary pleated finish functionally complete the dining room. One of the keys to the success of this project was undoubtedly the lighting of the white-painted beamed ceiling which was enhanced through lighting planning which saw the use of studied LED tracks for a homogeneous and brilliant result.

Villa in Schio before and during the restyling...

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