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Villa in Veneto

Villa in Vicenza...after the restyling

DATE: 2021
CATEGORY: Residenziale
PLACE: Vicenza

Elegant villa, recently renovated in terms of its walls, which needed a total restyling of the interiors. As General Contractor we therefore carried out the inspection necessary to begin the architectural design of the interiors. The villa had large open spaces, all with extremely defined characteristics that needed to be enhanced and modulated as best as possible. To accentuate the charm of this wonderful villa, unique and tailor-made elements were used, such as the furnishings and wallpaper in autumnal and warm tones which allowed us to add a touch of class and warmth. The living room is one of the rooms in which this has been used most to create a welcoming and characterful atmosphere. In this case we have divided the (very large) environment into several environments. inserting an "ironing and wardrobe" area, a "TV relaxation" area and an "office" area.

...the project…

...before the restyling

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