The design and preparation of interiors for bars

To furnish a bar, you cannot choose furniture at random and place them
randomly inside, but you need to develop a design idea that takes into
account the division of spaces, design, budget and the type of commercial
activity you want create. The interior designer develops the image and
concept of the venue starting from the internal distribution of the rooms:
bar counter, dining area, entrance and any outdoor space. Subsequently,
the designer identifies and chooses the furnishings to be placed in the bar
and takes care of the set-up down to the smallest detail. The furniture for
the bar represents and identifies the style of the commercial activity and
consequently the task of the interior designer is to recreate unique and
particular environments, which attract the customer and encourage him
to enter. For the interior design of the bar, particular attention must be
paid to the design of the environment reserved for customers, which
must be according to the latest design trends: spacious, minimalist,
refined and original. In the interior design of a bar, lighting plays a very
important role, in fact, unlike the old and traditional image of a dark and
smoky place, in recent decades designers have preferred to create bright
and clear rooms to create a more joyful atmosphere and lively.

The advice of interior designers to furnish the bar

The latest design trends for bar furniture suggest abandoning the
standardization of interiors, to focus on originality and uniqueness. The
bar is no longer just the place to have breakfast or hastily sip an aperitif,
but it is a place for socializing and sharing, which must be experienced at
different times of the day. The interior designers recommend making
exclusively custom-made furnishings, which are able to convey the
concept and mood of the venue, therefore you need to focus on unique
and particular furniture and furnishings. To develop the overall idea of
the bar, you need to focus on the right furnishings, consequently interior
designers preferring originality make use of the work of craftsmen,
carpenters, artists, designers instead of buying furniture from large
retailers. To be sure to choose the perfect bar furniture, interior designers
do not focus only on the shapes of each individual piece of furniture but
also on the materials in which they are built, preferring furnishings that
contain different characteristics: harmony of shapes, functionality,
resistance in the time, practicality and aesthetic beauty.

The latest design trends for bar furniture

There is no single and precise line to follow when furnishing a bar, this is
the concept conveyed by the most important interior designers. The
watchword is uniqueness, so there is no one style of furniture that
dominates the others, but it is a mash-up of materials, shapes, colors and
trends. Many say that the classic style bar is no longer in fashion, instead
it has simply revolutionized itself by inserting vintage furnishings in more
modern contexts. For example, the classic solid wood counter can be
combined with coffee tables with wooden shelves and steel frames or the
upholstered armchairs of hotel bars can be inserted in more modern
contexts, such as in bars inspired by the industrial chic style. The concept
of minimalism for the furnishing of modern bars should not be
interpreted by those who want to open a new place as poor or bare, but
must simply focus on essentiality and ban the superfluous. Customers are
no longer used to entering bars where the counters are full of bottles,
glasses, drinks, etc. but they seek simplicity, order, aesthetic rigor. The
latest innovations in the bar furniture sector suggest placing furniture
(bar counter, tables and chairs) with simple, geometric lines and then
focusing on the choice of original and design furnishing accessories.

How to choose the furniture for the bar

Before choosing the single piece of furniture it is appropriate to identify
the furnishing style in broad terms: classic, modern, industrial chic,
vintage or shabby chic, this distinction is only a starting point, because as
has been repeatedly emphasized, originality and personalization
determines the success of a place. One of the key elements to be placed
inside the bar is the counter, so the entire design of the room starts with
the choice of this furniture. For the realization of the bar counter you can
choose to opt for classic materials such as wood and marble shelves or for
steel structures with glass inserts. The bar counter is the business card of
the entire venue, so it is important that it is well lit, clean and organized
and above all functional and practical. The latest design trends suggest
minimizing the shelves and displays behind the counter, opting for
separate display cases and shelves to allow customers to view the
products on sale. In front of the bar counter it is always advisable to place
stools, but without exaggerating to allow the constant and continuous
flow of customers. The space dedicated to dining must be well separated
from the counter, choosing small tables and comfortable and comfortable



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