Building bonus: when renovating house is convenient

In this article we explain how to realize the dream of performing a turnkey renovation, zero stress, carried out by qualified personnel and adhering to the building bonus. Find out when it pays to remodel your house with the bonus.

Refurbishing your home, renovating your 70s family home, modernising your interior with custom-made furniture. The most common question we ask is: how much do we renovate home? The answer might be different from what we expect, thanks to the Building Bonus and other tax benefits provided for the renovation of a property.

  1. How much does it cost to renovate home?
  2. The check list of the renovation
  3. What does the building bonus include?

Bonus edilizia ristrutturazaione - Gattuso Contract

How much does it cost to renovate home?

Renovating the house is considered by many families a real mirage. The fear of having to commit a very high budget pushes many to not even require a budget. The renovation of a 70s house or a medium-sized apartment has costs that vary depending on the masonry works to be carried out inside, the extent of the renovation that you want to face, from the materials that are chosen and the finishes. All items that affect the budget but also find an ally in the many facilities that the Meloni Government has announced and that will be part of the new Budget Law. Many assets will be confirmed today. Instead, the Bonus will disappear, to be extinguished on 31 December 2022. Let’s return to the main question: “how much does it cost to renovate the house?” On average a renovation that excludes the masonry and internal construction works, starts from € 500 per square meter. The one that also includes the move of internal walls, the renovation of plants and bathrooms, starts from € 1000. These values vary according to the items contained in your Check List of the Restructuring.

The check list of the renovation

If you are thinking of renovating your home saving money, one way to become aware of this will be to draw up a personal check list that contains at least these points:

  • Internal masonry works
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Renovation of the plants
  • Underfloor heating
  • Redistribution of internal spaces
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Painting
  • New fixtures

Bonus edilizia quando ristrutturare casa è conveniente - Gattuso Contract

If you have checked a yes on at least five of these items, what you need is first of all a professional of the renovation, or a GENERAL CONTRACTOR to follow you in the restructuring. His intervention will allow you to renovate the house saving, to adhere to all the tax benefits in which your case falls, to adhere to innovative interior design solutions, capable of renovating the house to 360.

Gattuso Contract offers you an INSPECTION and a FREE RENDER of your home. A real journey into the future, to see concretely how it will be your home at the end of work. An unmissable opportunity to choose then whether to start the next steps of the process.

Are you afraid of the possible cost of the quote? Always remember the many bonuses that your General Contractor will make you join. The first is the BUILDING RENOVATION BONUS.

What does the building bonus include?

The Building Renovation Bonus, more simply a building bonus, is an advantage that will also be included in the next Budget Law and will remain in force until 2024. It will allow you to recover with tax credit or discount on invoice 50% of the capital invested for renovation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your home, a condominium, as well as for the restoration of ancient buildings, renovations of buildings in general including the installation of photovoltaic systems, window grates, surveillance cameras and the construction of the garage. The opportunity must not be missed. To this bonus, Gattuso Contractor, will be able to evaluate if you also return in other cases provided for by the various bonuses and can deduct from the restructuring and interior design budget also some costs provided, for example, for:

  • the purchase of furniture (including custom-made furniture),
  • the purchase of large household appliances
  • break down architectural barriers
  • the energy efficiency of buildings
  • the seismic adjustment

A series of deductions that, item by item, will improve the appearance of your home, making you save a lot of money.

Bonus edilizio - Gattuso Contract

Relying on a General Contractor will also allow you not to have to clash with bureaucracy: it will be him to interface with the offices responsible, to fill out all the paperwork for you, to submit applications and remove any form of stress related to the construction site.

You will only have the pleasure of entering the house of your dreams, renovated turnkey, saving considerably.

Contact us for an inspection and a free rendering of your house but also of your industrial building, of your condominium.



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