We can furnish our homes with many different styles of furniture, from classic to modern, from shabby chic to hipster. From what we have seen, there are many different styles to match our home or workplace better. One of the styles that has been spreading a lot lately both for furnishing a house and a place is the hipster style. This style was born around the 1940s in the United States and refers to those people who loved jazz music. Most often it was young middle-class whites who tried to imitate African-American musicians. Today’s young people are nonconformists, they love progressive politics and indie rock music. They are also very fond of sustained consumerism, of handmade and above all eco-sustainable things. They are very fond of art and literature, they are also convinced that recycling can help bring back a cleaner and better world. In fashion, this style has been well known and appreciated for years. As far as furnishings are concerned, also in this field, the hipster style is back in fashion again, especially as regards furnishing a room or a house.

Some useful tips

 Those who love hipster style and love to show it when they are out and about among people, very often their home also presents a hipster style, very similar to their way of being. In fact, those who love this style tend not to neglect their home, taking care of the smallest details. The furniture that a hipster house presents is that of having various types of objects between the walls of the house, especially recycled objects, old and dilapidated, which are often found at antiques markets. These strange and bizarre objects are sometimes also very rare to find, so a home with a hipster decor can have a very high value. Hipster furniture is not always a defined style, in fact it is the combination of several different styles put together. Different objects and furnishing accessories often combine together, in order to form a very harmonious and cheerful style. The advice that is often given to those who want to furnish a home or a hipster-style place is to not go overboard with objects and too many details, you would risk finding yourself a boring and tasteless home.

Important elements of a hipster house

 An important element for a hipster decor is decorations or wall papers. Elements that cannot be missing are posters, vintage prints, photographs, advertising signs, messages, graffiti, author photographs, posters, comic book images, slogans and even pop paintings. This style features many objects that recall the artistic culture of pop art. Not only the paintings, but also lithographs, fabrics and prints are part of this style. In order for all these objects to harmonize well with the prints, you have to choose the frames of the right color and material without creating a different style without taste. Besides these details, other objects that must be taken into account are those that are a little retro and antique. Music-loving hipsters love to furnish their homes with old turntables and gramophones, lots of vinyl and even old radios. Other old used and ancient objects can be combined with these objects, such as typewriters, cameras or old type fans, especially those with iron blades. Objects such as foosball tables or ping pong tables can furnish a hipster house, in addition to these objects that recall the world of video games. Even in a house with this style we find space dedicated to plants or flowers, such as houseplants or aromatic herbs placed in pretty glass jars. The final touch of a home with a hipster decor can be represented by very particular objects or elements, in fact it is possible to find an old bike or even a beautiful barber chair, recovered who knows where.

Other important elements for a hipster home

 Other objects that can be inserted in the furnishings of a hipster house are the use of large decorative letters. The most recommended are letters that represent personal meaning or letters with bright colors and even better if they are illuminated. In addition to the objects listed above such as posters, prints and much more, they are very suitable as furnishing accessories for a hipster home, photos of humanized animals, such as cats, dogs, mice, who wear glasses, hats and much more, all to entertain and harmonize the environment. Vinyl stickers are also very decorative, very beautiful those with a mustache or beard, typically hipster style. Not to forget the textile elements such as cushions, sofas, armchairs or sofas, they must closely recall the hipster style.



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