A crackling fire in a modern-style fireplace with gray
stone, a warm sofa that proposes the same color and
allows us to experience the emotion of a simple moment
that has been repeated over millennia: a human being in
front of a crackling fireplace. Simple image to describe a
mountain home, with environments that combine a rustic
look with the possibility of introducing modern
furnishing elements. Often combining these two
elements makes the task of furnishing a mountain home
not always easy. If we talk about places that also have
their own intrinsic charm from an environmental point of
view, such as chalets positioned near a wood or on a
peak, the reality appears even more complex. On the one
hand we have a fairytale world, on the other hand,
however, we must try to combine all the necessary
elements in order to make the home practical and
comfortable for those who are going to stay there. A
mountain home, even if it is a place used for a few days
or months a year, must always combine the most suitable
pieces of furniture.
First of all, you must consider whether you need to
furnish the mountain house completely, or integrate
furniture components with existing objects. In fact, often
there may be some furniture that must remain in your
mountain home, both for an emotional fact, but also for
economic practicality. In any case, trying to combine a
modern style with something more traditional could be
the right choice in order to introduce everything that is
considered fundamental into the home. For this the
materials and colors that must be present are very
important. Wood is preferred, possibly with a natural
color, and especially in those houses where the ceilings
or structures are of the same material. The walls are very
often covered in part of the same material for a practical
purpose, both to keep the heat and for a cleansing
speech. This can be accompanied by light colors, always
very warm and at the same time bright. Often the
mountain houses are small in size, and built on two
levels. The spaces are not very large and dark colors
would make a compartment even smaller. Another
widely used material is metal, iron and steel, or stone
which is not only resistant but also combines a classic
reality with modern colors.
Often, the kitchen and living room in mountain homes
are rooms united and divided by furnishing elements.
Therefore, when choosing colors or furniture, it will be
necessary to evaluate the balance of the elements not
only in the materials, but also in the colors. Kitchens are
often small and must contain everything you need. For
example, we can use a peninsula, which is completely
covered in gray stone, with a black induction plate that
performs the double function including that of separating
the rooms. Oven and refrigerator can be placed in a
column that will be covered with the same wood as the
walls. A convenient pantry of the same material is
obviously necessary. Passing through the living room we
will find the table which, if we prefer stone, could be of
the same color and line as the kitchen cladding. If you
want to keep the wood, it could be cedar mounted on
steel structures. The modern element allows us to add
chairs with a new style, in gray in order to reproduce the
shade of the counter and the upholstery of the sofa. The
latter can be placed on a corner wall and be in fabric, so
as to be resistant and easily washable. The element of
wood, present on the walls, ceiling and floors, can be
broken by a large stone fireplace with a heat-resistant
plasterboard coating in order to hide the flue and create a
well-squared structure.
The bedrooms have the same style. Wooden wardrobe,
bed of the same material with a minimalistic but
functional furniture. Any chest of drawers are integrated
into the walls reproposing the same color of the
covering. Where there are more rooms, doors will be
needed, as a divider, possibly retractable in order to save
space. If, on the other hand, the sleeping area is
combined only with a single compartment, a curtain and
glass can be used as a separation element. The color of
the wood must always be clear and may be interspersed
with stone furniture elements. The lights mounted under
the ceiling or along the walls will take up the gray color
of the living room. Finally, the bathroom will be able to
propose a stone shower or tub with a wooden floor, thus
combining a touch of rustic with modern and very
practical elements to use. If there is space available, it
will be possible to place a sink with an innovative shape,
for example circular, on a counter and a large mirror to
give depth and brightness. Also in this case, if the
original structure of the walls is in stone, panels with
wooden frames could be created that break the wall



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