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Furnish a shop

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In the world of commercial activities, there is a high level of competition
and variety among which to stand out to attract the end customer and
achieve success.
The interior and furnishing design of a shop is a key element to achieve
this goal.
The aesthetic aspect of a shop is the first element that surrounds the
products on sale, and if studied correctly it has the ability to attract our
target and encourage an increase in sales.
The customer nowadays has less and less time to devote to shopping and
more and more often is oriented towards online shopping, and it is
precisely for this reason that when instead he goes to the store he does
not just go looking for a specific item to buy but looking for a real shopping
experience. He must have a pleasant situation to the point of wanting to
repeat it, we must induce him to come back to us.
The consumer must perceive our product as something unique,
indispensable to him and, even if the main part in this process is mainly
the goods we exhibit, the context in which we insert it also contributes to
making it special, different. from the others.

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Store setup

The outfitting of our store is no longer just a simple aesthetic question but
much more, it must therefore be designed under every facet.
Therefore, the furniture is no longer linked to the owner’s aesthetic taste
but has the function of attracting the right target of customers, it is not certain that what we like will attract the attention of our potential
As a first step we must define which consumer segment we want to
address, logically based on the product we are going to propose.
There will be several choices based on our target audience, distinguishing
not only on the basis of gender or age, but also based on preferences and
attitudes, if we have an organic shop we will go to healthy people, who are
attentive to environmental aspect, perhaps following particular diet styles
such as vegetarians and vegans, if instead we have a store with pet
products our target audience is those who have a pet.
The appropriate furniture must confirm to the customer that by choosing
us he made the right choice, it must involve our consumer at 360 °.
In defining the design of our store we must not only take into account
what the customer would like but we must express our identity, whether it
is the one linked to the brand we sell or the more “personal” one, we must
also show the image in the interiors of our company; this is another way to
stand out from the crowd.
The way in which the goods are arranged and the shop is organized can
greatly influence sales, an orderly and rational arrangement means that
the product, being clearly visible, sells itself “by itself”; if the display is
captivating and attractive, it increases the customer’s desire to have that
product for himself and further induces him to purchase.

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The furniture and all the design objects that we choose to insert must be
designed for the display of the objects in the first place, they must
therefore be practical, easy to reach and not too invasive in the space in order to allow customers to move freely around the ‘environment. The
longer the customer stays in our shop, the greater the possibility that he
will proceed with the purchase.
The exhibitors of the goods are the main furniture, they can vary in shape
and size but must allow the orderly and functional arrangement of the
products; wardrobes and drawers are never too many in any type of shop,
they are used to insert material necessary for work and possibly goods
that at the moment should not be exposed to the public.
It is necessary to organize the arrangement of the goods so that they selfsell,
you can insert a display or a central table with the most interesting
products in order to give them greater visibility.
As for the cash desk, it is better to avoid placing it on the right side near
the entrance because that is usually where the customer will go as soon as
they enter, so it is better to place something attractive in that space.
We can choose to insert stands, shelves or slatted panels, they help us in
the division of spaces and at the same time allow us an orderly display of
the products.
We must then insert the furnishing accessories: curtains, lamps, armchairs,
everything can be indicated to embellish and personalize the environment,
we give space to creativity but be careful not to overdo it and to
coordinate the various elements.
An important element in creating the perfect environment is light.
The right lighting design will further highlight our products and highlight
their peculiarities.

We can opt for spotlights along the entire ceiling in order to have a
uniform brightness and not eliminate the shadow areas.
Another fundamental element, which also affects the lighting aspect, is the
color of the walls; which must be chosen taking into account the shape of
the room, the product we sell, the target we refer to and the context we
want to create.

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