How much does it cost to renovate home?

Relying on the General Contractor for the turnkey renovation and the creation of bespoke furniture, is an economical and smart choice: embarrassing surprises are avoided and the stress of “restyling” is eliminated. We find out in the following article how much to renovate house in various cases.

They call them motionless but they change with you. Any living space, be it a house, an industrial structure, even a private clinic, can be redesigned to better adapt to the needs of those who live there.

The environment around us influences our thoughts, our way of life, even that of relating to others. It is not a question of the color of the walls or the arrangement of the furniture but of harmony.

In habitat in harmony with our way of being allows us to express ourselves at best and to bring out our true peculiarities. So it’s not the size of a space that matters, but the way we interact with our things in those square meters. Today, therefore, we will deal with the importance and costs of renovating a house, accommodating spaces and furnishings according to our needs.

  1. Renovation of old houses.
  2. Functional renovation of 70 sqm
  3. Custom furniture: the answer to space problems.

Renovation of old houses

There are no old or ugly houses but houses that need to be loved. Gattuso Contract develops projects of TURNKEY RENOVATION and RESTYLING of the interior spaces to be able to harmonize what surrounds you to your needs. As it happens to the human being, the spaces we live in also need to be adapted: the family grows, we are tired of the usual domestic disposition and we want to change while remaining in our beloved home. The same applies to the renovation of old industrial buildings or offices. The beauty of turning to Gattuso Contract is to have the opportunity to confront a dynamic and professional team, composed of architects and interior design. They will develop the project that Arianna will design for you after having welcomed and listened to you.

Team Gattuso Constract

DIALOGUE is in fact the first column for a complete professional advice and to arrive at a satisfactory architectural project.

Thanks to the involvement of trained and up-to-date operative teams, the building renovation of your home, your office, your industrial shed or your private clinic, will flow smoothly leaving you only the PLEASURE OF APPRECIATING THE CHANGES and improvements of your structure.

How much does it cost to renovate a house of 70 sqm

Seventy square meters are a relatively small space that can accommodate a three-room apartment with two bathrooms or an office that can accommodate offices and meeting rooms in functional and cozy spaces. A space of 70 square meters. Optimizing every corner will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a space apparently much larger but also benefiting from significant energy savings in terms of heating or cooling in the summer, an aspect not to be underestimated in this complex period.

Ristrutturare casa di 70 mq - Gattuso Contract

How much time do you have to shoot shops and exhibition spaces? How much to visit fairs related to the world of furniture or to identify new trends, news, the most curious solutions to furnish your home or workplace according to your style and your needs?

If the answer is “little”, then the solution is to rely on a General Contractor like Arianna Gattuso. Why?

Here are 5 points why you should contact the General Contractor for custom furniture:

    1. KNOWS ALL THE NEWS and in real time is informed about the new materials on the market, the industry trends, the most functional solutions. Attend refresher courses and exclusive trade shows so you can be directed to the best choice.
    2. MEASURE YOUR MEASUREMENTS PRECISELY. Take measurements of the connections for the kitchen or the distance between the sockets, detect the measurements of a room and do not make a mistake of a few centimeters. Only by relying on an experienced professional such as a General Contractor will you avoid running into errors, oversights or forgetfulness that then inevitably affect the assembly, choice and functionality of the room.
    3. IT SAVES YOU TIME and solves many problems related to the management of unexpected events that, punctually, occur with suppliers: delays in delivery, grueling waits that take time away from your work and your private life, errors to “repair” through unnecessary returns and headaches. Already at the second appointment Arianna Gattuso will present plan and render the environments to be restored, complete with the proposals most suitable for you.
    4. COMPLY WITH THE BUDGET that was established at the conclusion of the contract. You will not spend a penny more, because choosing a General Contractor means relying completely on a professional who manages the yard and the relationships with suppliers.
    5. YOU WILL HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE FURNITURE designed specifically for you and tailored to your spaces. Exclusivity is therefore the last key, perhaps the most futile but certainly the most rewarding. Together with Gattuso Contract, in a few appointments, you can evaluate the samples of materials, colors, fabrics. You will choose your curtains and the shape of your sofa, the insertion of fireplaces or mirrors, the materiality of the doors and armchairs of your living room, the color of marble best suited to match harmoniously with the palette and the restyling of the environment.

Arredamento esclusivo - Gattuso Contract




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