How to make sustainable? The three rules to be respected in a construction site

Dispose of aggregates, reduce the waste of water on site, adopt sustainable behavior: here are some rules imposed by Gattuso Contract in the construction sites it manages. A few simple rules to reduce the environmental impact of any renovation.

Construction sites can also have a strong impact on the environment due to the waste produced during processing and the poor management of inert materials (non-toxic).

Gattuso Contract, a green architectural design company, has always been watching the environment and has decided to make all its activities sustainable, even those on the construction site. For this reason, based on the 17 points of the 2030 UN Agenda, Arianna Gattuso has designed a protocol of behaviour that all the teams active in the shipyards managed by her company must comply. A few points that guarantee the customer the certainty of having turned to a company attentive to the welfare of people and the environment.

1. What “sustainable building” means for Gattuso Contract
2. UN 203 Agenda: our zero impact construction
3. The green rules of Gattuso Cantract

What “Sustainable Construction” means for Gattuso Contract

There are many rules that speak of sustainable construction, above all, that of 2022 establishes the correct disposal of building aggregates. Choosing green disposal methods, guarantees not only the correct end-of-life management of waste materials produced by demolitions, but also the possibility to reuse them, inserting them again in the construction production cycle. A virtuous circular economy that reduces the level of waste and pollution of construction sites and develops an ethical sense with a high impact on society and general well-being. Zero waste: this is the goal pursued by Gattuso Contract in its designs. Zero waste means respect of timing, choice of low-impact materials, application of bio-building concepts, reuse of what should not be thrown away. The 2030 UN Agenda itself encourages the construction industry to adopt a sustainable attitude in favour of the ecological transition that also involves the correct management of aggregates and water. Each demolition creates “waste”: rubble, tiles and roof-tiles can however be shredded on the spot and reinserted in the production cycle, for example, of shipbuilding (for the subfloors). For this reason, Gattuso Contract always selects waste disposal companies dedicated to recycling.

Gattuso Contract's shipyard
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UN 2030 Agenda: our zero impact building

Zero impact construction, for Gattuso Contract, does not mean only bio construction. As an interior design company, our shipbuilding works do not involve the construction of the structure but the possible demolition of some parts of the structure, in favor of the harmony of the interior. For this reason, the focus on sustainability is very high and some points of the 2030 Agenda are an integral part of our way of making buildings with zero impact. Since we create environments that will be inhabited by a family, entrepreneurs and their collaborators, doctors and patients, our attention is entirely based on well-being. Ensuring the well-being of people means:

Pre renovation kitchen
Post renovation kitchen
  • The choice of materials: brick, plasterboard, paints, flooring, wood for our custom-made furniture. Everything we put in your homes is the result of specific research aimed at ensuring healthy, balanced and safe home or work environments.
  • The choice of processing methods: we use environmentally-friendly methods of demolition and recycling of materials. Wherever possible we collect rainwater for washing tools, we do not waste energy, we leave the workplace always clean and tidy.
  • Respect for time: well-being also means professional ethics and customer care. For this reason we are very careful to respect the work schedule and the timing of work progress, involving experienced and qualified workers.
  • Furnishing techniques based on psychological impact: chromotherapy, soundproofing of the rooms, punctual and diffuse lighting greatly affect the atmosphere and the psychophysical well-being of those who are in a room. We adjust the choice of colors and materials also according to the type of property and the sensations that must transmit.

The Green rules of Gattuso Contract

Arianna Gattuso at the construction site

We are an atelier of architectural projects because we can take care of all the details and choices we make for our customers. For us, sustainability is not an option but a certainty. Being sustainable, enhancing the green aspects of construction sites and architectural design is a practice that we also bring to our offices and the lives of our employees. In the studio we reuse paper, we try to minimize the use of plastic and we pay attention to the consumption of energy (electricity and gas needed to heat the rooms). We sensitize our employees to adopt sustainable choices also in their private lives, preferring gentle mobility (bikes, scooters, public transport) where possible and minimising waste. Designing in a sustainable way allows us to make choices in line with the ecological transition, keeping up with the news and the green discoveries of the sector, planning in time supplies and needs.



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