Ideas for decorating your B&B

Furnishing a B&B is not for everyone, it takes creativity, ingenuity, brilliant ideas, study and a lot of research. Yes, because like the sheet in which we draw it has borders and a specific measure, our building will also have restrictions which we must take into account. Do we have 5 rooms or 2? Do we have two floors or just a ground floor? Do we have exteriors, a balcony, corridors? Only after taking note of all these technical (and indispensable) considerations can we begin to evaluate the best ideas for decorating our B&B!

The first factor that we must consider when we start to furnish our B&B is definitely the style. From the choice of style begins all the work: the search for furniture, colors, the arrangement of objects. What can happen if we do not immediately choose a precise style for our environment? Everything will seem scattered and confusing and will give an idea of ​​disorder. Since this is not what we want, we must immediately choose an attractive, beautiful, simple style that can attract the attention of our customers. So what is the first rule for furnishing the B&B? Choose the right style!

To choose the right style we must consider one thing: in which area is our B&B located? It may seem like a detail but this factor becomes a big difference. For example, if our B&B is located in the mountains, our choices of furniture must be different from a B&B located in the city or in a seaside resort. The temperature changes, the colors change, and for this the style also changes. Imagine booking a B&B by the sea and finding yourself sleeping in a wooden structure, with a fireplace, and large (warm) carpets, would you be satisfied? When you go to a seaside resort you look for fresco, brightness, sea view windows! And that’s why we have to choose our furniture carefully.

Once we have an idea of ​​what type of B&B we want to furnish, we can choose the style we like best and indulge ourselves with innovative ideas! There are various styles of furniture on the market, but they can be divided into two main categories: classic and modern. Furniture, like fashion, varies according to the trends of the moment, therefore it is renewed, it gets closer to the taste of the past and changes constantly. We can say that in recent times there are two styles that are very fashionable and are the shabby-chic style (romantic and retro) and the minimal style (simple, minimal).


Modern style

The modern style can be perfect for a city B&B. You can choose color contrasts for the furniture, or opt for opaque colors such as gray or beige. The modern style has simple lines, large spaces and particular design objects. Materials such as laminate are preferred, which is very easy to clean and treat. This style usually prefers large kitchens and open spaces, large peninsula sofas and very comfortable. In short, a modern style must have all the comforts without renouncing an impeccable aesthetic.


Minimal style

The minimal style is very trendy in recent times, because it prefers light and simplicity. So no to superfluous and visible objects, better empty and large spaces, large windows from which light can enter, opaque colors such as gray or brown. But this style usually goes in harmony with colors such as white or black. Zero contrasts, zero shades. The whole environment becomes monothematic and this always makes it orderly and impeccable. You can choose this style if our B&B is located in the city, perhaps in a large skyscraper.


Classic style

The classic style is the one that will never go out of style, the simpler and more homely, almost rustic one. This style must convey a familiar, simple and convivial atmosphere. You can play with colors, with warm and lively tones. It is the perfect style for a mountain, hill or out of town B&B, where people take refuge to have peace and quiet. The classic style is timeless, it prefers long cream-colored curtains, solid wood furniture and colored sofas.


Shabby chic style

This style has been increasingly in vogue in recent times, because vintage, retro style, where the taste of the past reigns supreme, has become increasingly fashionable. Exposed ceramics on the ornaments, pastel colors and lots of white, the shabby chic is perfect for a B&B with a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Usually we choose materials such as wood, maybe white and lacquered, small sofas and soft colors. This style is perfect for a B&B in the hills or in small villages or romantic villages. Furnishing a B&B in the right way is very important, it is our business card: customers will remember our environment, as well as our services, and if they like it they will definitely come back to visit us!



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