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The bathrooms of the rooms of Gardaland Hotel after the restyling

DATE: 2023
LOCATION: Castelnuovo del Garda (Vr)
TYPOLOGY: Hotel-Industrial

The hotel, a short walk from the most famous amusement park in Europe, now boasts 70 fully renovated bathrooms, refined and suitable for anyone who decides to spend a carefree and fun holiday here. For the floor and walls, a veined marble covering was chosen. The light tones were chosen to emphasize the cleanliness and breadth of the spaces, giving to the atmosphere a touch of elegance not taken for granted. To meet the needs of all guests, Gattuso Contract, as requested by the management of the Gardaland Hotel, has placed great attention to the theme "4all accessibility" choosing toilets, showers and sinks suitable for specific needs of adults and children. The new bathrooms of the Gardaland Hotel by Gattuso Contract, are characterized by a linear and sophisticated style, completed by the presence of elegant white sliding doors with boiserie.

The bathrooms of the rooms of Gardaland Hotel before the restyling

Gattuso Contract has been chosen by Gardaland srl to renovate the bathrooms of an entire wing of the Gardaland Resort Hotel, in Castelnuovo del Garda. The operation involved the total overhaul of 70 bathrooms that needed the complete dismantling of the interior (tiles, floor, toilets, showers, doors) and the realization of new installations in record time to find everything ready for the guests who would arrive for the Easter holidays 2023.

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