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The salon after the Restyling

DATE: 2023
TYPE: Commercial-Industrial

The interior design project signed by Gattuso Contract had two elements in the middle: the color and the custom furniture. After establishing which nuance best matches the needs of the place, a mood board has been developed that includes a color palette that enhances the demands of the owner and the well-being of its customers. The monochrome was broken by the laying of a wallpaper with a high perceptive impact that gives character to the general atmosphere of the living room. The display furniture was designed by Gattuso Contract and made by our master blacksmiths. Their simplicity elegantly enriches the environment by complying with two functions: providing shelves for the products of the salon, act as a discreet divider between the reception-hair styling area and the one dedicated to washing and hair color. A clever touch of interior design let some furniture that Lisa is fond of live with, with new creations.

The salon before the restyling....

Lisa is a determined and solar person and after many years of work in a space she loves, she asked Gattuso Contract to completely review the interior design, with the aim of communicating to the customers their soul. The environment was characterized by colors too homogeneous between them that flatten the atmosphere. Some display furniture was missing and it was necessary to divide the open space better to break the continuity of a very spacious room that appeared impersonal.

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