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Trentino Sviluppo

Restyling Trentino Sviluppo

DATE: 2023
PLACE: Rovereto
CATEGORY: Industrial

Trentino sviluppo is the system company of the Autonomous Province of Trento for business support, innovation and territorial marketing. It has been operating since 1986 and is the point of reference for companies, startups and professionals who want to grow, work and design in Trentino. Precisely to meet these needs, the spaces of an old factory were allocated to these businesses by Trentino Sviluppo, the renovation and furnishing of which constituted our design challenge with the Trentino company. The magnificent architecture of the former factory, deliberately maintained, was the backdrop to the renewal of the look of the offices which now appear fresh, with great personality and a strong industrial connotation. The light, which filters through the large windows, remains the protagonist thanks to the choice to divide the offices with extra large glass partitions which allow the work spaces to be better organized, enhancing the environment and at the same time guaranteeing an excellent level of privacy and acoustics. For the floor, a neutral-toned resin was chosen which encloses the different elements and gives a feeling of depth to all the rooms. The styling designed for the interiors harmonizes with the industrial structure enhanced in the details: the boiseries come to life with the new pastel colours, the old and fascinating metal windows have been painted in white, vintage accessories recovered like an old staircase iron pegs, obsolete archives etc. The work tools such as desks, meeting tables, ergonomic seats and the placement of all the cutting-edge infrastructures and technologies are ultra modern and high-performance. There are also various planters planned for the creation of corners in connection with nature.

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