The Restaurant: Guidelines on how to furnish it

Designing and furnishing a restaurant is a complex job,
whether a new opening or a local renovation, there are
several factors to take into consideration, some of them
often underestimated.
Today, consumers are increasingly attentive and when
they enter a restaurant they are not just looking for good
food but looking for an experience, an atmosphere in
which to immerse themselves.

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The first sense that we must amaze is certainly the view,
it is not just the right furniture but a set of combined
details: the furniture, the lights, the staff uniforms, the
decorations, everything must go to create a unique style
for the our restaurant.
When deciding which identity to give to our restaurant
there are two factors to consider:
– the target we are addressing, i.e. what kind of
customers we want to welcome; the choices will be very
different if we turn to groups of friends and young
people or workers on a lunch break, or if we are looking
for couples who go out for a romantic dinner or if we
want to create the perfect location for business dinners.

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– the style, whether it is modern, rustic, retro, shabby
chic, ethnic, etc. the important thing is to make a choice
and follow it in all the elements of the furniture for the
room, from the menu, passing through the uniforms and
decorations, each element of our restaurant must
contribute to creating a unique idea.
Starting from these elements we can move on to the
actual interior design.
The choice of furniture will be in line with the style we
have chosen, and must also reflect the type of cuisine we
are going to propose.
The main element is the table, the heart of our business,
this is where our customers spend most of their time
having meals and chatting.
You can opt for the round tables that allow greater
interaction between diners and give greater elegance,
they are suitable for rooms that host ceremonies and
business dinners; or we can choose rectangular and
square tables, they do not allow conversation between all
the diners especially if they are large, but they favor that
between close people, they are more comfortable to
move and stack for cleaning.complementi d’arredo.
The chairs are also important, they must be comfortable
and in line with the style of the table and other
furnishing accessories.
When arranging the tables, it is necessary to follow
simple rules that allow you to create an easy and
comfortable situation for both the customer and the
dining room staff.
First of all, avoid placing them near the bathrooms and
the kitchen, both are places of passage, the same goes for
the entrance where the continuous opening of the doors
creates annoying drafts; place the tables not too close
together, it is in fact necessary to leave the customer a
good degree of confidentiality and allow his movements
and those of the staff.
Do not underestimate the importance of empty spaces
both in the room, in the arrangement of the tables, and
on the walls, the overcrowding of tables, furniture and
furnishing accessories creates a feeling of suffocation
that does not benefit the general atmosphere; better to
seek the right balance.
The decor of a restaurant also includes tablecloths, it is
essential to choose a color in line with the furniture in
the room that helps to highlight the dishes; it is advisable
to opt for the double tablecloth in order to emphasize the
corners of the tables. If you choose white tablecloths,
pay particular attention to washing, it is a very delicate
color, prone to halos.
As for the dishes for the most elegant and refined
environments, it is better to prefer white ceramic plates,
goblets for wine and simple and sober glasses for water;
if, on the other hand, you want to create a more informal
atmosphere, you can range from different shapes, colors
and materials.
The furniture should also be chosen based on the color of
the walls and floors so that everything as a whole is
The choice of the type and arrangement of the lights is
an element that must be taken care of and that can make
the difference, basically it is better to avoid a single
diffused light, typical of neon lights, it is better to create
play of lights with lamps and spotlights that allow us to
illuminate the tables and dishes and at the same time
create a more welcoming atmosphere and give
movement to the room.
The environment must then be completed with
paintings, prints, furnishing accessories that
personalize the room, the choice is diversified according
to the style we choose to follow.

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The choice of particular, original objects is the best way
to emphasize our uniqueness, be careful not to overdo it,
especially when it comes to centerpieces, they must not
be too intrusive.
An element that adapts to any type of style and
environment are plants and flowers, whether it is fresh
flowers on each table or larger plants to decorate the
corners of the room, they enrich and give liveliness to
the restaurant.
The open kitchen has been very widespread in recent
years, in this case the aesthetic aspect of it must also be
taken care of, functionality will remain its essential point
but it must be aesthetically pleasing.
In conclusion, the basic rule is to seek the right
harmony and consistency in things, season everything
with touches of originality and remember to follow the
small precautions listed above, we will obtain a
comfortable and unique environment where our
customers can enjoy a 360 ° experience. .

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