Walk-in closet: the right solution for every home

The walk-in closet, a room dedicated entirely to the wardrobe, is an environment where clothes, accessories, shoes are stored but where at the same time there is enough space to change clothes. It therefore also assumes the function of a dressing room.In the collective imagination, and in particular in the dreams of every woman, the image that recurs is the one proposed in the films: a large, bright room with clothes and accessories on each side, with a large mirror and a few chairs to sit on.Of course this is the best to aspire to, but today having a walk-in closet is no longer an unattainable mirage: each of us can have it in our own home.Space is certainly an important element, but with the right design, splendid solutions can be obtained even in not very large environments.First of all, the walk-in closet does not necessarily have to be an entire room but can be obtained by isolating a portion of the bedroom. In fact, approximately 2 square meters are needed to create one perfectly at the height of your dreams.

Study of Spaces

We must start from the study of the shape of the environment in which we are going to insert it as each room shape has a more suitable position.If the room is square, the ideal is to isolate one of the corners by creating a triangular portion, the short sides of which will be used to arrange chests of drawers and equipment for the arrangement of clothing. If the room is rectangular, it is better to use one of the short sides, at the foot or behind the bed, thus opting for an in-line wardrobe.If our room has an irregular shape, there is no better solution than taking advantage of this peculiarity to create our walk-in closet.The walk-in closets can be made of masonry, plasterboard or with self-supporting aluminum frames. For each house we should opt for the most suitable solution; in choosing the type, it is necessary to evaluate whether the house is already inhabited or not, or if we want a solution that can be easily modified if necessary, in these cases we will opt for a less invasive type than the masonry one.Each intervention will require a specific study of the various aspects.As for the closure, the most adopted solution are the sliding doors, as well as for an aesthetic factor, due to the fact that they do not require additional space for opening; they can be made to measure according to needs and are anchored to the wall or frame of the structure, sliding internally and externally on single, double or triple tracks. The important thing is to make sure that a system for slowing the door at the end of its travel is set up in order to prevent it from slamming.Hinged doors can be used if we have enough space available to ensure easy opening. Intermediate solution between the two listed above are the folding doors, which close on themselves moving along a track, also require an opening space but not very high. Whatever the type of door chosen, the important thing is that it is equipped with dust seals. As for the material and the colors, the solutions are the most varied, surely the choice of a glass door will guarantee us more lighting.

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Lighting is an indispensable element since most walk-in closets do not have windows and therefore it is important to provide lights that do not warm and do not alter the perception of colors.As for the interior furnishings, you can indulge yourself according to the different needs and types of clothes and accessories that we should put away. Drawer units, shelves, clothes hanger bars, baskets and boxes: the right arrangement of the furniture must be studied in order to optimize space and at the same time allow a practical and functional use. If space allows, the presence of a large mirror will be ideal for making our walk-in closet perfect.


The walk-in closet tends to be positioned in the bedroom but if the size does not allow it or if we have an external space to exploit it, such as a closet, we can consider this alternative without problems, as long as the chosen environment is adjacent or in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom.In open space homes, the choice of creating a walk-in closet may be ideal, and will act as a dividing element or filter area to delimit the various rooms of the house.Now you just need to carefully study the spaces in your home, define your personal needs and design the walk-in closet of your dreams.

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