After a period that seemed endless and inspired by the most extreme minimalism, wallpaper is gaining ground, so as to become the absolute protagonist in the fascinating game of interior design. The desire to restore increasingly varied and extravagant aspects to environments is fully back, thanks to the new patented technologies. In recent times, the decorative strength of paper has undergone significant improvements, thanks to the use of winning vinyl or natural materials, such as cork and straw. As for the ornaments, we start from the timeless English motifs, up to continuous and geometric patterns, often resulting in bright and bright colors. There is also no shortage of abstract lines and floral decorations, softer and more romantic, as well as those psychedelic designs. The contemporary wallpaper becomes the complete outfit for any kind of home.

Wallpaper: Between art and innovation

As part of the most recent interior designs, the wallpaper solution is now the ideal tool to give character and vigor to rooms. Recent and advanced technologies have simplified and overcome the obstacles of the past. For example, the most advanced use of waterproofing materials today allows the coating of rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen, so as to avoid stains and
inconveniences due to possible infiltrations. The new digital printing techniques also offer customized solutions and much simpler laying methods than in the past. The innovative three-dimensional papers, adorned with shiny and metallic pigmentations, ensure the environment has a curious and never predictable brightness. The vinyl and new generation compositions give life to trendy and original environments.
Contemporary atmosphere: The combination of wallpaper Focusing on a decoration such as wallpaper implies the full realization of a harmonious result which often has, as its final purpose, to highlight a particular detail. It is not uncommon for contemporary wallpaper to be often used for non-totalitarian and minimally invasive interventions, such as when it is required to cover small horizontal and vertical sections: think of an architectural decoration, a beam, a niche, the back of the headboard of a bed, a column or the portion of a single wall. However, it is in the totality of the room that the wallpaper manages to create the maximum scenario of continuous and concordant connections. The totalitarian use of geometric motifs, which even go as far as the ceiling of the room, is combined with the latest trends in black and white decorations or those that dare towards markedly
tropical designs. The final result is nothing more than a place where different inspirational fantasies coexist with pleasant proportion.

Creative projects: Wallpaper between repetition and union

In the variegated world of recent wallpapers, unusual creative projects are revealed, always based on the study of dimensions and proportions of the environment concerned, as well as on the possible combinations of colors. The definitive choices fall not only on regular decorations, which imply an easy union between the various rolls, but also on modular macro-subjects or macro-photographs. This last solution, in constant growth and often subject to customization, follows a specific project, installation and connection, which is supplied by the manufacturer itself. A macro photo, in general, best highlights a focal point of the room and adapts to any type of furniture, from classic to modern.

Affordable contemporary decor: Change with wallpaper

It is good to remember that wallpaper becomes the best ally to highlight a part of the room or to alter the condition of flat environments, so as to easily change the
overall appearance into something intimate and enveloping. Among the most disparate graphics available today it is no longer difficult to find the wallpaper that suits your taste, your environment and your personality. The vastness of choice is combined with a gradation of costs destined for all budgets. In recent times, choosing to decorate your apartment with wallpaper is no longer a luxury for the few. In fact, the bearing of costs is essentially linked to the type of material chosen, the company’s signature and the desired quality, also in terms of duration. Intermediate costs, in the face of walls without structural problems, are around ninety euros per square meter, up to an increase based on the exclusivity of the materials. The choice can be made in full autonomy, but if the intent is to obtain a work with a certain degree of value, a professional in the sector will be able to best illustrate the right solution among the most popular trends. Ultimately, opting for wallpaper implies a careful choice to fully satisfy every type of need, even in terms of budget.



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