The spread of open space offices

Having an open space office brings numerous advantages not only in terms of worker productivity, but also in terms of the furniture to match. An open space space, often obtained from the elimination of poorly functional divisions, is the perfect solution to avoid constraints with the furnishings and arrangement of the workstations. The open space office thus allows easy insertion of various furniture, even those with generous dimensions. The various complements can be spaced for a very neat and bright final result.


The advantages of open plan offices

Unlike the ordinary offices, the open space ones develop mainly in a single space, free from obstacles such as dividing walls and plasterboard walls. In fact, in general, traditional studios and common working environments closely resemble the classic apartments of the past, being equipped with several rooms, often not large enough to ensure the necessary comfort for employees and customers who are wellcomed. An open space office generally has a large room that combines other spaces, such as the waiting room, services, or the working area reserved for the study owner and the chief of staff. Considering the open structure, the open space solution is the most preferred one to encourage collaboration and teamwork among workers, as well as to increase office productivity. Not only. The open space office guarantees freedom of movement, brightness, hospitality and allows you to play with the furnishings, without having to face the usual constraints with the square footage you have available.


Furnishing solution for every need and work sector


Furnishing an open space office is very fun and allows you to discard space-saving proposals and furnishings designed for small and limited spaces. Consequently, those who have an open space office will be able to range between very useful furniture, such as important bookcases and archives, in wood or steel, in order to ensure a well-organized and always impeccable environment. Furthermore, inside the main room, it is possible to add different workstations for each employee, or focus on the unique operating desks, designed to accommodate and work together with multiple users. These are intelligent and comfortable solutions, often equipped with metal structures and sliding worktops with various finishes. The side tables have useful devices such as cable glands or convenient container modules, designed to order and preserve documents and IT accessories. In addition to the employee desks, those intended for menagers and managers will be required. In these cases, since space allows, they can also be chosen in an L-shaped version, with glass tops and chrome finishes, for an even more refined aesthetic result. In some offices, moreover, there may be the need to place reception or reception counters, equipped with traditional or design supporting structures. In this regard, in addition to the linear models, there are the corner counters, those with sinuous and rounded shapes. The choice of the most suitable type will help to make the room cozy and to give the necessary touch of elegance to the entire open space.



Comfortable and ergonomic solutions


A self-respecting open space office requires the right seats to ensure comfort for employees and customers. The ergonomic chairs, with adjustable backrest and lift, complete with arm and wheels, will be perfect for those who washed several hours in front of the PC. The waiting room, however, could be embellished not only with colored chairs, made with innovative materials and resins, but also with upholstered armchairs and sofas, essential to welcome customers with the right touch of style. The meeting room, where present, also deserves special attention. This space can be furnished with a large circular table to combine with design chairs, different from those used in the rest of the office, precisely to create a detached and separate area. Inside an open space office, the low drawers cannot be missing, often equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement, as well as safety locks for greater privacy. Finally, a complete open space office will have to present decorative elements and accessories capable of creating a calming and efficient environment. A few indoor plants, practical table planners, baskets, letter holders and other storage elements will be perfect coordinated.



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