Furniture for pharmacies

Furnishing a pharmacy means making functional and
comfortable choices, in order to work at their best but,
at the same time, we must not forget to have to convey to
customers a feeling of cleanliness, order, organization.
An interior design can be the winning choice for a
pharmacy furniture consultancy, which follows the path of
setting up the room, suggesting the most appropriate
choices from time to time.

The first choice to make for pharmacy furnishings: floors
and walls

To furnish a pharmacy in the most appropriate way, the
interior design must start from the choice of the
dominant colors. In the healthcare environment, of
course, white is always to be preferred. The floors and
walls should be white, it is better to avoid getting
carried away by daring more innovative and original
colors. A detail to keep in mind is that, for the floors,
the large tiles help to give an illusion of width and
size, while the small ones are more suitable for very
spacious surfaces, because they define and convey a
feeling of order. If you don’t like total white, or you
find it excessively monotonous and common, you can
combine, in small details and in moderation, a color that
recalls the healthcare environment, such as teal or
pastel blue. For example, you can decide to color only
one wall, which will be used for displaying baby products
or cosmetics.

Pharmacy furniture: creating spaces

It is possible to create additional spaces in a pharmacy,
taking advantage of the versatility of plasterboard. The
construction of dividing walls can be useful for creating
small clinics where customers can sit in respect of their
privacy, perhaps to access the weighing scale or to
control blood pressure or blood sugar. A small secluded
corner can also be an excellent choice to create an
office where, by offering discretion and attention, you
can deal with customer health practices such as bookings
for exams, small emergency interventions, symptom control
for which customers ask for advice. The plasterboard, in
these cases, is an economical, elegant solution that does
not require major masonry works, therefore also practical
and fast.

Interior design for pharmacy furniture: the furnishing

In a pharmacy, the counter is certainly the most
important element. It must be large and spacious and also
act as a dividing wall between the area dedicated to
customers and the entire organizational and exhibition
area where medicines are stored. In fact, it would be a
serious imprudence to allow public access to the section
of the store where there are medicines at hand, on the
shelves or in the windows. The counter, therefore, must
be important, majestic, solid. The furniture market for
healthcare environments offers different models, from the
very simple and square ones, which give a sober elegance
to the pharmacy, to the more sinuous ones with rounded
edges, which soften in a very refined way the severe and
austere concept typical of many pharmacies. A good
interior designer will be able to suggest how to fully
functionalize the lower part of the counter, front of the
staff, to optimize space. Multi-drawer units are widely
used, a solution that allows you to recover an infinite
amount of space, which can be used both to contain
documents and administrative work tools and to store

Pharmacy furniture requires the need to have many
cabinets, doors and drawers that can be sectioned and
divided, in order to organize the display and storage of
products in an orderly manner, favoring the work of the
pharmacist and minimizing the possibility of error. The
pharmacist’s job is very delicate and involves great
responsibilities: making a mistake in delivering a drug
is not a trivial matter. It is therefore essential that
the spaces dedicated to the storage of medicines are as
functional as possible and respect the canons of logic,
to facilitate the proper performance of professional
duties. In this regard, large organized drawers with many small compartments that can be labeled are widely used
and appreciated.

The best displays for pharmacy furniture

Aside from the entire area dedicated to drugs and
medicines, the pharmacy also offers many products:
special foods, cosmetics, products for children, health
footwear. All this merchandise, which can easily be left
on display in the area dedicated to customer parking,
must be displayed and organized with good taste and
order. For this purpose, the wall cabinets are very
beautiful, which can be used to contain prominent
products: for example a particularly fine make-up line,
luxury and expensive cosmetic creams. To alternate with
the windows there are displays and shelving, always
better if in white, equipped with many shelves, in order
to set up the room so that it appears full and wellstocked.
As in all shops, even in pharmacies, when
designing the interior you have to think about safety: it
is advisable to choose solid displays, which do not risk
falling, or dropping the products on display, at every
slightest bump. Another tip is to display everything in
the external areas of the room, in order to leave ample
passage and parking space for customers, thus avoiding
that they can trip or find it difficult to reach the



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