When the time comes to decide on the decor of our home, or that of a room, we are faced with a
thousand options and ideas which, inevitably, lead to great confusion. In fact, deciding the type of
furniture is not an easy and quick task, but it requires time and dedication, and it is a choice
dictated by our personal tastes and the thousands of sources of inspiration that we can find
around. So today we have decided to devote an article to ideas for vintage furniture, among the
most interesting and innovative styles that are in circulation, which is back to being very
fashionable and is appreciated and loved by many.

Vintage or retro?

This type of furniture is characterized by the combination of furniture that dates back to several
decades ranging from the 1920s up to the 1980s. Vintage furniture has the strength to know how
to break the minimalist design that characterizes contemporary furnishings thanks to the shapes
and colors of the furniture. Vintage is highly appreciated because it gives the home environment a
warm, welcoming, very familiar atmosphere with a design rich in elements with a lived-in look.
The secret of this furniture is to see an old object with new eyes.

Ideas and suggestions for a vintage decor

Did you arrive at the conclusion and the desire to furnish your home with a setting of other times?

Well, let’s see together where to start, what to know, ideas and where to get ideas to get a piece
of furniture you will be proud of.
Everything starts from the raw material, that is, from the furniture that lends itself to this type of
style. As we have said previously, they will have to be lived-in furniture, old and with a past style.
The ideal, also to save money, would be to buy what we need, including furniture items, at one of
the many flea markets around. In this way we would have the opportunity to take home furniture
that truly is from another era, with all the beauty that goes with it. It is also possible to find some
very interesting pieces by shooting in this environment, and at very affordable prices. However, by
buying furniture in this way you will have to take into account a bit of do-it-yourself and
inventiveness to give it back life by decorating, reinventing and restoring it to your liking, with a
completely home-made final result.

You don’t want time to go looking for old furniture or you don’t like DIY? No problem, there is a
solution to everything. In fact, in this case it is recommended to visit and get lost in the outlets of
shops where you can find vintage style furniture, for any need and also for superfine tastes. In
these shops it is possible to find really interesting objects of a certain level, both qualitative and
stylistic, but everything is not cheap and the prices are much higher than those of a flea market.
Up to now we have talked about furniture, leaving aside the accessories, decorations and details
that are essential for creating a vintage environment as they will embellish and complete what the
furniture has begun. To create a retro-style setting you need to know how to play on small details
such as a lamp, an ornament, a color or a particular material. This is exactly what will make the
environment of your home vintage, the details

Vintage in the various rooms of the house

Each room in the house has its own soul, its details and its beauty is emphasized differently from
another. Precisely for this reason it is wrong to think that an accessory or a piece of furniture that
looks good in the kitchen looks equally good in the living room.
A vintage-style kitchen is characterized by copper elements and accessories with a lived-in look,
refrigerators with rounded shapes and bright colors and an aged dark wood table.
As far as the living room is concerned, the situation is similar, in fact it is always good to remember
that vintage furniture is made more by accessories and details than by the furniture itself.
Precisely for this reason in the living area the right details can be able to transport you back in
time, such as a turntable, an old radio typical of the 60s, a bookcase with old colored magazines
and here the imagination can indulge itself. One of the most loved accessories of all, especially by
boys, is a bar corner complete with a counter and inevitable bottles of liqueur and special glasses,
typical of the 1920s.

Lighting, an essential factor

In the course of this article we have never mentioned one of the aspects that are most important
to create a vintage environment, light. Everything that comes from lighting, that is, the type of
lamp, the model of light bulb, warm or cold light, are key factors for creating a retro decor that is
both dramatic and welcoming. In fact, vintage favors a very warm and soft light, iron or wood
lamps and an old-fashioned light bulb style.



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