With environmentalism becoming one of the most important topics these days, interest in sustainable furniture and decorations skyrockets. The promotion of responsible environmental behaviors within a home has long overtaken the talk of chemicals and food, and is now tapping into the realm of objects, materials and paints. In fact, there are a couple of reasons why furniture, especially those in style, is becoming an ideal solution for many, as can be seen from the 2021 furnishing trends should follow the same footsteps as the previous one. In this regard, here’s what awaits us next year with regard to furniture components.

Functional and durable furniture

A well-marked trend in reference to furniture and other furnishing components that has been proposed in the round this year, according to industry experts will also be repeated for the next 2021 but with a substantial difference. In fact, many people will opt for the same lines, but will pay greater attention to furnishings and objects that are functional and above all built to last a long time. The vintage style is one of the favorites because it is always in vogue, and especially in the case of furniture it is wooden structures that are safely processed for the environment and obtained from sustainable sources with an excellent value for money.

Vintage is kind to the planet

Vintage style is therefore one of the primary trends of the coming year. The reason is linked to a series of distinct factors; in fact, those who already own furniture of the aforementioned type instead of setting them aside in the cellar, can very well exploit them by integrating others of the same style but from scratch built by the most famous producers in the sector. Still referring to vintage-style furnishings, it should also be added that many people are happy to choose it for their home as the simple lines and multiple decorations provide various opportunities for combinations with other furnishings, including artisanal production.

The 2021 furniture trends: colors

As in most cases when you have to opt for furniture to be inserted in certain living contexts and in relation to the set design, you have to take into account the various materials to be used and above all consider the color palette. With reference to the latter, it is important to underline that as can be seen from the many models presented at the sector fairs and in the 2021 projection, colors will play a fundamental role and will be able to integrate perfectly with wood, glass, ceramic, natural stones. and with many other decorations that mainly refer to fauna and flora.

That said, according to recent estimates, gray is the dominant color that will be present in almost all the furnishings of 2021, and thanks to the neutral shade that distinguishes it, it integrates perfectly with different shades. The latter range from olive green to dark brown, therefore ideal for modern and classic furnishing styles, respectively. Another shade that will surely dominate next year in the furniture sector is the so-called navy blue, ideal for optimizing home design in the name of elegance and contemporaneity. Another advantage of this color is linked to the fact that it is perfect for any type of furniture including the minimalist one which in recent years has carved out a slice of popularity in the sector thanks to its simple lines and the ease of combining objects and colors.

The rise of open space furniture design

Another trend in terms of furniture that will surely dominate in 2021 concerns the design that can be set in homes and offices or the open space type. In fact, both environments with this characteristic (without dividing walls or other types of partitions) are among the favorites since they allow those who use them to have ample space and a lot of functionality. To give some examples in the year 2021, as has been the case for a long time now, the open spaces on which the greatest attention will be concentrated are those used simultaneously as a kitchen, living room and dining room, therefore able to offer the aforementioned functionality and lots of space. On the sidelines, it should also be added that when we talk about the 2021 furnishing trend we mean any type, be it vintage, art deco, modern or classic and all in the name of perfection that takes into account spaces, colors and some details (mirrors and glass components) the latter customizable according to your tastes.



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