Ideas for furnishing a medical center

The way a space is furnished reflects its character and
functionality. It is therefore very important that its design
takes into account all the image and practical needs that the
environment must have.
To furnish a medical center, it will be necessary first of all to
analyze the entire structure and establish the specific use for
each space. Here are some ideas
The choice of the style of the studio
Surely it will be necessary:
• identify a reception / acceptance area
• a waiting room for patients
• individual clinics where specific activities will be carried out
• a space for the laboratory
It will also be necessary to pay particular attention to the
details and finishes that must be elegant and welcoming, to the
furnishing accessories that give grace and softness to the
environments and the choice of light will always be fundamental,
whether it is intended as a point of illumination, intensity and
shape of the source of light itself.

# 1 The front desk

The reception area is the first impact for those arriving. It must
be near the entrance door and have a pleasant and inviting
appearance for the patient. Given in particular that the environment we are talking about is a medical center, this impact
plays an even more fundamental role because of reassurance for the
person who will use the services. It is advisable that the
lighting be intense: whoever arrives must have the perception of a
beautiful light. It may be useful for the furnishings to be light
in color to further favor this aspect.
With regard to functionality, it will be necessary to furnish with
a special desk – desk that can be used by patients to interface
with the receptionists. The latter must be able to be sufficiently
repaired to be able to respect both personal privacy standards
and, especially in the case of a medical center, the documentation
they deal with. There must be sufficient space to house the
computer, archives and rooms for the personal effects of those who
work there.

# 2 The waiting room

The waiting room must be adjacent and possibly communicating with
the reception. It will have to include several comfortable and
welcoming sessions. This environment should also have good
lighting and allow waiting patients to be able to carry out
entertainment activities such as reading.
It can be appreciated to think of a refreshment corner where to
place from a simple water dispenser to a coffee machine or a
dispenser of drinks and small snacks. In this case, an environment
must be designed that has lines in common with the rest in terms
of finishes and colors. It will therefore be appropriate to design a small partition or in any case something that creates continuity
with the rest of the room.

# 3 The surgeries

The individual clinics must be furnished in such a way as to
contain basic elements such as a small desk capable of housing at
least one computer, now essential for any doctor, a bed that will
be necessary for carrying out the visits and the specific
equipment relating to the specialization that will be housed in
that room. Since not all equipment is the same in terms of size,
it will be necessary to establish in advance, taking care to
observe the environments available, the individual specialties
that each room must offer.
Particular attention must then be paid if it is intended to use
the same room for multiple specialties by providing for an
alternation of different doctors. In this case it will in fact be
necessary to provide, in addition to the spaces necessary for the
various specific equipment, also diversified environments where
individual doctors can rely from time to time.
Also with regard to the lighting of individual clinics, it will be
necessary to refer to the specialization that will be carried out
there. In fact, there are cases in which very weak and suffused
lighting must be provided in order to facilitate the reading of
certain diagnostic tests while in some cases, in order to reach
the diagnosis, strong lighting is required that can make the
doctor able to control well what needs to.

# 4 The workshop

This space has the characteristic of being inhibited for patients
as only specialized personnel will be authorized to access it. It
will therefore not be necessary to design any space relating to
the reception of the patient but instead it will be necessary to
make good reference to what are the equipment necessary for
carrying out the activity.
Particular attention must be paid to the arrangement of machinery
and furnishings in order to allow, even in smaller spaces, to be
able to carry out the work in an ergonomic way and without
hindrance. It is in fact quite frequent the presence of more than
one person who carries out his work within a laboratory, perhaps
combining his function with that of the colleague who works side
by side. It is therefore easy to understand how important it is
that spaces allow everyone to move without hindering each other’s
work. The project must therefore take into account the number of
workers in order to establish the right spaces.



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