The General Contractor is not a builder

Stress-free home renovation is possible. Just contact a GENERAL CONTRACTOR, the professional of the restyling of the properties at 360 degrees.


  1. Who is the general contractor?
  2. What does a General Contractor do?
  3. New house in 4 steps with the General Contractor

Who is the General Contractor?

General Contractor is now a familiar term but not everyone knows who it is. It is a professional or a company that focuses on all the tasks related to the renovation of a property and interfaces directly with suppliers, to leave customers only the fun part of the operation and a single contact person. Gattuso Contract, to ensure its customers customized formulas of restyling of the house, office or entire buildings, is aimed at professional teams, known and reliable, which coordinates in a precise and timely. Arianna Gattuso and her team will interact with the managers of each contractor, solve problems themselves and avoid setbacks. In all this, you just have to imagine yourself inside your new spaces. The role of the General Contractor was indispensable during the works carried out benefiting from the 110% bonus but its activity will not cease to exist, on the contrary: it is becoming increasingly important in the field of renovation and interior design.

What does a General Contractor do?

Do not confuse the General Contractor with the builder. The General Contractor could be compared to the image consultant, in the dress of the beauty or the general manager, in the business: he is assigned a task and he takes care of all the operational, logistic, functional, to reach the target. Renovating the house, giving a new look to the office, furnishing the spaces and reviewing the layout, involves great stress if it is a person who, in addition to managing family, work and daily activities, must also interface with masons, painters, electricians and upholsterers.

General Contractor una scelta vincente

For this reason, contacting a General Contractor is a winning choice to save time and money.

Yeah, that’s right: save money on home renovations. We must not forget that a General Contractor is specialized in identifying, from the first inspection, the needs of the client and the most effective steps to meet them. By contacting Gattuso Contract you will have the opportunity to choose from the best proposals on the market. Structural solutions, methods to divide the interior spaces, to embellish them, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, finishes of the highest quality but at competitive prices. The task of a General Contractor in fact is to advise you, guiding you to the discovery of a diverse but complex sector such as architecture.

Progetto General Contract

New Home in 4 step with the General Contractor

STEP 1: Getting to know you

Each General Contractor should establish an EMPATHY RELATIONSHIP with the customer. Arianna Gattuso, after 20 years of experience in the field, manages to identify the perfect style for your spaces, starting from observation and dialogue. Classic, contemporary, pop, rustic. It doesn’t matter what’s most popular but what you like. She’ll be able to draw after listening to you for a few minutes. Another fundamental aspect for starting a restyling project is THE DEFINITION OF THE BUDGET. The General Contractor will respect it by proposing the most correct solutions to combine quality and price.

STEP 2: The Inspection

Visit your home together with Arianna. Accompany her to discover your office. Make a relief to an industrial shed that need a Restyling. It is a key moment that allows the General Contractor not only to detect the measures to draw the map of the project but also to see the place, to taste the style, to imagine his new life, to understand how light enters through the windows or how the voice resonates. All elements influencing the rendering that will flow from this visit.

Sopralluogo General Contractor

STEP 3: The construction site

When the client has approved the renovation project, Gattuso Contract will proceed with the recruitment of teams of professionals who will take care (if necessary) of the wall and plant, the pictorial and sound, but also the furniture. From this moment you will only have the pleasure of seeing your space that, step by step, respecting the times specified in the contract, turns into what you have always wanted.

STEP 4: The furniture

Furniture is the component that can make a perfect environment or transform it into a simple “room”. For this reason, when Gattuso Contract creates a render, it always inserts furniture, sofas, tables, beds and even works of art designed specifically for that project and suitable for your family. Do you like the color? Do you prefer neutral and relaxing colors? Have you always wanted a fireplace in the middle of a room or a kitchen on the terrace? Don’t know how to make your private clinic cozy? Don’t limit your imagination: Gattuso Contract is the key to free your imagination.



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